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Pastor’s  Kid___What  Are  You  Doing  With  Your  Life?

This  is  a  blog  started  for  P.K.s  in  the  Christian  Fellowship  Ministries.  So  that  they  can  find  encouragement  and  stories  from  other  Pastor’s  Kids.

My  name  is  Samuel  Dakota  Rodriguez.  At  the  time  of  writing  this  post-  I  am  currently  in  the  country  of  Belize,  Central  America.  Being  a  ‘p.k.’  for  most  of  my  childhood;  I  have  seen  the  struggles  and  hardships  of  ministry;  and  I  have  seen  other  ‘p.k.’s   turn  away  from  the  calling  of  God  upon  their  lives.  So  I  ask:  WHAT  ARE  YOU  DOING  WITH  YOUR  LIFE?  Do  you  not  realize  that  time  is  short;  night  is  almost  here;  Jesus’s  return  is  close  at  hand?  Do  you  not  see  the  needs  of  the  nations;  do  you  not  hear  their  cry  for  someone  to  preach  to  them  the  truth?

You  were  made  for  a  special  purpose,  there  is  such  an  anointing  and  inheritance  that  God  wants  to  pour  out  upon  your  life.  Regardless  of  whether  or  not  your  father  is  still  preaching.  Once  a  pastor’s  son  or  daughter;  always  that  you  will  be.

There  is  something  Honorable  and  Rare  when  the  children  want  to  be  a  pastor  or  pastor’s  wife  like  their  parents.  Don’t  run  from  the  calling  of  God  upon  your  life.  Because  He  will  tell  you  and  show  you  where  you  need  to  be;  but  are  going  to  be  ready  when  He  calls  you,  are  you  going  to  be  able  to  discern  the  voice  and  calling  of  God?


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  1. This is the most inspiring thing i have ever heard! )’: I almost turned
    away from the path that i should go on. This is truly a word from the heavens


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